Ready for a REALLY Unconventional Perspective?

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Christians who should be poised to take advantage of their changing times are missing a huge Opportunity in this Gay Marriage debate. The fact that a judge in California is ready to strike down the “will of the people” and allow “gay marriage” is ultimately for the best — spiritually. For generations in western countries, the government has “owned” what is typically called “marriage”. But in fact, what the government calls “marriage” is NOT what the Bible calls Marriage. The government’s “marriage” is a civil process (NOT spiritual) in which two people enter into a specialized contractual agreement. The civil contract called “marriage” essentially controls the disposition of any assets owned by the two people who join therein. Furthermore, since civil “marriage” is controlled and directed by the government, it can allow any alterations to the process it chooses — i.e., if the government wants to allow people to divorce due to being “incompatible”, or if it allows gays to marry or refuses to allow interracial marriages or allows multiple wives, it can do whatever it wants because the government is not required to operate according to the leading of the Holy Spirit nor the Bible. Civil marriage is NOT what the Bible refers to as Marriage and actually never has been.

In the Bible, “Marriage” specifically refers to the UNION of a man and a woman — a Union which reflects the reality of our Union as Believers (the Bride) with God.

The time in which we live is ripe for Believers to break completely that unbiblical bond between true, spiritually based Marriage and the government-run version of “marriage”? What would that look like? If two Believers wanted to get Married, they’d get Married before God. But if they wanted to arrange a legally valid contractual relationship between themselves that is recognized by the civil court system, they’d go to the local courthouse to purchase a License to Marry and subject themselves to whatever government regulations applied and file forms with their banks and execute all other legally required actions. But — understand this! — this is not Marriage in a biblical and spiritual sense. These two different “marriages” need to be separated in the minds and lives of Believers. And ultimately, whoever the civil government allows or disallows to “get married” in their civil processes has nothing to do with true Marriage — a man and a woman, united together into one flesh before their God.



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