Can’t Miss this Opportunity!!!

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Join the Apostolic Reformation Today! (Just $9.95…)

What is the “Apostolic Reformation”?

It is a Church filled with believers that are part of an apostolic reformation. Don’t be left out. Join the revolution and catch a life-changing anointing

And you don’t have to be left out! For only $9.95 you can buy my book which tells all! And for an offering of only $39.95 you can receive my new video series revealing to you the existence and purpose of Apostolic Ministries in the 21st century…

But not only that, for only $349.95 you can attend the online Apostolic School of the 21st Century! Upon completion, not only will you receive a tasteful, framable Certification of Completion, but with it you gain access to online Directories and Maps automatically locating all the recognized Apostolic Ministries and Ministers in any given geographical region! A must for your going to meet and sit under Apostolic Ministry!

Your life will never be the same!

(Nor will your bank account… I seriously hope I don’t have people sending me money to get in on this once-in-a-lifetime offer.)


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