God’s Playhouse of Perfect Love

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Made in His Image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why did God bring all of us human-beings into existence?

To “worship” Him? To give Him glory? To “serve” Him? To be an admiring audience for His power? No to all of the above.

He brought mankind into existence for love. God is love, and we (created in God’s own likeness) are made to receive love and to give it as well. Let’s look more closely at this.

Love can be accomplished only between persons. When “love” is considered an emotion (incorrectly), then people can “love” abstractly in word only — as in “I love the poor” — whereas in their actions they show they do nothing for “the poor”.

But love is not a feeling — it’s an action. The Bible describes it in this way: “Love is never tired of waiting; love is kind to all; love does not envy another; love has no high opinion of itself; love is not overbearing to others; love has good manners; it is not self-focused; it is not angry, it forgives the offenses of others — love takes no pleasure in unfairness but rejoices in justice…”

Look the list over. These are not words describing “emotions” but “actions”. “Love” can be manifested only where there are at least two beings — one to love and one to receive love; in perfection, both will love and be loved.

God brought humankind into existence in order to prepare an entire group of beings to share in Love — both to love God and to be loved by Him.

Amazingly, that teaching which so many have struggled against called the “Trinity”, actually underscores God’s nature as a lover. The teaching says that from before the Beginning — when nothing existed but God Himself — God existed as three persons: God (the Father) Christ (the Son) and Spirit. Before time itself, these three persons (the Godhead) lived in a perfect Love relationship. God was One (there was no other god in existence) but had He not existed as multiple persons, Love could not have existed… because Love is a relationship demanding more than one person.

The closest thing to a “definition” of “God” in the Bible is the declaration, “God is Love”. If God — prior to Creation — had existed only as a “monad” or as one “person”, He could not have been “Love”. The truth that God is defined by Love is evidence that He has eternally existed in a Love Relationship — Father, Son and Spirit.

Why, then, did He create humankind? He created humankind in order to display Love to the universe — Humanity is the Playhouse of Perfect Love. Love is manifested to the universe as a whole by thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of hundreds of thousands of beings who in nature are like the Eternal God (Imago Dei) and are forever manifesting the Love Relationship for which they were created: an Everlasting Romance played out to the stars themselves…


P.S. Similar to the above  thoughts, I’ve written an obscure little poem based on the concept of God’s Playhouse describing God’s intent for His children. Here ’tis:


Child’s Play

Luke 10.17-19

My father, an effusive, genial spirit,

Has made Mephistopheles (the harlequin)

Exclude his darkly Draconic figure

From the play-house of our comedy.

Freed from this malevolent amateur

Whose only spoken line was a malediction,

Our sheer play ascends to brilliance

Eclipsing the finite and down-cast Sol. 



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