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What a sorrow there is in the demand for people to make themselves “beautiful”. What unjustifiable damage is done, what  horrifically broken lives are tossed in dumpsters in this Plague — our society’s worship of personal beauty.

No — not that True Beauty which abides in the hearts of those few who have it, but the commercialized, socialized, bastardized “beauty” of Hollywood, Manhattan, Paris, or London.

Countless advertisements shape this malicious “beauty”; brilliantly designed, glossy 5-color presses print carefully crafted and irresistibly “beautiful” pictures of women to be published in magazines as thick as the proverbial New York Yellow Pages — magazines in which even a single, month’s issue represents salaries of models and designers, expenses of ink and paper and graphics computers and the  manufacturing costs of products promising to make huge, HUGE profits of millions of dollars, franks, pounds, lira — strictly to frighten women into doubting that their already existing, genuinely True Beauty fails to show them as valuable, precious, and desirable persons — for the sake not merely of financial gain but pursuing even darker purposes in keeping women focused on how desperately important it is to satisfy the sensuous expectations of not only friends but of strangers passing in the streets.

A young adolescent looks at her friends, her fab TV shows, the Stars in this week’s society and entertainment news — then she stands before her bathroom mirror, in tiny bra and panties, examining privately all her supposed fails. in the envious eyes of others she might even be All That in the halls of her school and the broad runways of the local malls — but she fails the Mirror Test. Standing there, our depressed and trembling Lilith or Skie or Shelly or Nieddu or Kati sees herself through the Eyes of Others — her own eyes utterly blinded from whom she is and the Beauty in Which She walks.

Does this malicious insanity affect men on the same way? If you compare how much money is spent in the Beauty Industry on manipulating men into equating their “looks” with their value to how much is spent on manipulating women — the answer is, “No”.

Yet the continuous ads streaming throughout every media source are not fundamentally edifying women or releasing to them the “fun” and “freedom” of discovering “how heads will turn to admire your beauty”. These socially accepted, customarily demanded, delightfully sensual “feminine” rôles are the flip-side of the destruction of women’s self-esteem and the perjury of men’s honor and esteem for the true beauty of women.

This blog’s objective is simple: there is no need to go out in the streets with flags, guns, and another Occupy Movement; all that must needs happen is for person after person to see the esteem-destroying effects of having  turned the desires of men and the fears of women into a monolithic, money making monster.

Then, choose to turn away from that which is false and instead, in the streets and schools, rooms and residences of females — be they missy, maiden or ma’am — each woman throughout the nation, allowing all to expect to see their own original and true Beauty…

… and encourage Susie to be brave, return to look in her mirror — without despair or fear, but simple joy.



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