The T.V. Show Says There Were Never 3 Million Jews in the Exodus…

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So the ads for an upcoming “documentary” on “Bible secrets” says that there couldn’t have been three million Israelites in the Exodus — since that would have exceeded the entire population of Egypt at the time.

Two thoughts hit me at the same Moment: (1) Whoever made that calculation wasn’t there at the time, and can only only speculating from the evidences that remain — evidences that he or she chooses to accept as credible. (No subjectivity there… No bias confirmation !!!) And (2) Who cares anyway?

Who cares???!!! Why, of course, everyone who believes the Bible is God’s inspired Word and is infallible and without error in any and every statement it makes — that’s who…

But why would any sane person think the Bible has to be “infallible and without error in any and every statement it makes”? This brings up a very odd circumstance — one rooted in about a century of bad theology. Back at the turn of the last century, German theologians (called “Modernists”) had been making waves internationally about how they were “scientifically examining the Bible” and were deciding that Jesus never existed (or if he did, not at all like he’s presented in the gospels.) They also decided the Bible was not written by men and women under the leading of God’s Spirit but only under the pressure of their historical circumstances — and anything that looked like it might apply to modern (Victorian!) society had to be mistaken.

"The Descent of the Modernists", by ...

“The Descent of the Modernists” (1922)

So a group of professors devised what they called the Five Fundamentals which were intended to fulfill at least two goals: (1) determine if a person was a godless Modernist or a True Christian; and (2) provide the basis for proving scientifically that God existed and that the Bible was written by God.

Get that? These egg-heads were so caught-up in the worship of the great god “Science” that they wanted to use “Science” to prove their personal beliefs about God. Even the Bible itself refutes using “scientific methods” to try and “prove” one’s faith. Still, unfortunately, churches all over the United States bought this bogus philosophy and became — almost overnight — “fundamentalists”.

Over the last 100+ years, many church-goers have been taught that if they doubt any portion of the Bible for any reason, they can’t be Christian and can’t go to Heaven. Their fear of Hell drives them to naively and irrationally believe whatever their trusted preachers and teachers tell them. What ought to be a sensible “faith” based soundly upon certain evidences becomes instead a religious gullibility, preparing “the faithful” to receive irrational and even absurd ideas as “truth”.

Lest you think this only applies to traditional “Christians”, it applies to people of any religious system — including everything from Mormons (encouraging Mormon males to aspire to become “gods” of their own, individual worlds) to atheists (denying any possible existence of any possible non-human Being who could be called “God” simply because their intellectual framework has excluded such), to “political religionists” (who pay no attention to the content of their chosen politicians or political agendas but are forever faithful simply because they’re identified with one politician or party)… The list of religiously gullible people is unending.

But, back to the Bible. So, someone says there couldn’t have been 3,000,000 Israelites leaving Egypt in the Exodus? So what? What difference does that actually make to what clothes I select for today’s tasks, what breakfast I eat (or skip) or whether I hand over a couple of bucks change to some disheveled guy on a street-corner?

None. And it certainly doesn’t make a difference as to how I live my life, how I die my death and whatever happens to me after that point. It only makes a difference to misinformed, miseducated and misled bibliolaters.

A “bibliolater” is a person who worships the Bible. Not the God of the Bible; not the Word of God, per se, but worships the book itself whether leather-bound, paper-backed, writ with black ink or red letters and comprising anywhere from twenty-seven to seventy-three books (New Testament, Old Testament and/or Apocrypha.)

This is a True Saying: There’s a distinct difference between the Bible and the God of the Bible — and the prohibition against worshiping any god but the One God includes a prohibition against worshiping the Book Itself made of paper covered with ink, whatever color.

The Bible is a record of communications between God and humanity. It is not that “communication” itself. In fact, the Bible describes the “communication” between earth and Heaven as “the Word” and describes “the Word” as a living entityas a Person Who is known as “The Word”…

This Word is the Word WHO (according to the Gospel of John) was with God and was God, in the Beginning. The Word of God cannot be bound — not by Satan, not by wickedness and certainly not by mere paper, cardboard and leather. Of the Word it is fair to say, He cannot be bound by anything, nor can He (the Word) be contained anywhere or anyhow.

So when someone throws their supposedly startling announcements about the printed Bible at you about how “Jesus was crucified because he was a political agitator, not the Messiah” or “Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and after being rescued from the Cross, fled to France where his descendants live even till today”, or how “the Exodus never happened” or any other “secrets” about the “Bible” — keep this inward response handy:

Who cares — because the only “Word of God” I depend on is a Person — and He lives in me and through me — to the blessing of other people! Thank God!





P.S. Yes — there is more to the story about the value of the written Bible, but that falls more in the realm of “illustration” and “enlightenment” — not dogma.      es


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