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English: Eve, the snake and the mitochondria

Eve, the snake and the mitochondria…




The fruit was desired to make one wise,
and they did eat,
and the eyes of both were opened,
and they saw they were naked…
—Genesis 3.6


What wisdom this, that enabled them to see they were naked?   That caused then to cover themselves and to hide from each other? That caused then even to hide from their God?   What wisdom this?   Not wisdom of God but wisdom of the mere creature — Man.

For centuries, many people foolishly celebrate the eating of this “desired fruit” as The Act by which man became Man, and that without The Act, human beings would forever have remained in Innocence… and Idiocy. One of my professors said this: “Human beings would never have achieved the position and glory of wisdom and dominion possessed today were it not for That Act of Rebellion.

All too true — but no cause for celebration!

Adam, in the Garden of Rapturous Joy and pleasure (in Hebrew, called “Eden”), chose to create separation from God, and thus separation from True Humanity. Already possessing all delight (which is the Presence of He Who is the Inexhaustible Source of Life and Joy), “Adam” instead reached out for a different possession. Putting aside humankind’s Ultimate Possession, Adam became possessed instead by that which was not-good. Having been created in the very Image of God, Adam rejected that identity and embraced the image of not-god, living henceforth in a world and existence torn by dualisms: good and evil; God and not-god;  joy and sorrow; life and death; the Pleasure of Immortal God and the temporary diversions of mortality; unity and separateness; peace and fear. Truth and self-deception.

Before this dreadful act of separation, when Adam tore unity into disunity, humankind knew but one thing — God — and had but one desire and delight —God —and had but one possession and Possessor — God — and had but one destiny and fulfillment — to live forever as Children of the Eternal God. After man pridefully ate the Forbidden Fruit and became consumed by his ego, he still had only one unity, knowledge, desire, delight, possession, destiny, and fulfillment: God. But “Adam” has ever since been spiritually blinded to that One. As Paul has said, “The god of this world [Satan] has blinded the eyes and minds of the unbelieving, that the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should never dawn upon them…”


Emil Swift
Mt. Hermon, CA

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