Facts, Principles, & Pneumatikos

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“The problem with facts is not that we need more of them but that we don’t know what to do with the ones we have.” —Alain de Boton

The modern culture worships “information” in and of itself, thinking that any problem we face can be “fixed” if we have enough information. And we understand the information to be made up of “facts”, especially the kind we can get doing a Web-search.


too much information, too little knowledge

too much information, too little knowledge (Photo credit: Will Lion)

But there is so much information available, so many facts beyond what we can ever grasp, that we wind-up overloaded and confused with our problems frequently unresolved.


We need something larger than mere facts or the orderly gathering of facts (information). We need to be informed instead by a Mind that is larger than the problems which we face! This is why the Apostle Paul declared 2,000 years ago that — via the Holy Spirit — “we have the Mind of Christ”.


This doesn’t mean that Jesus Christ — Who at this point “grasps” everything that can be “understood” in this universe — will somehow “download” that omniscience into our conscious thoughts! It does mean that whatever situation we face, He understands the details and outcomes of every variable involved, and via His indwelling Spirit, is able to lead us through a quagmire of confusing choices into a path which will lead beyond the trouble and into unexpectedly great blessing.


So many examples in my own life come to mind. Once, after my first wife died, on the way back home from a trip to the California coast, while climbing into the coastal mountains, my very old Ford Escort finally died, once and for all. My two kids (aged 4 & 9) were with me and I didn’t want them distressed over the loss.


Living up in a mountain community, there was no way we could make it without transportation. So, sitting on the side of the road before the tow-truck arrived, I explained the situation to the kids: We had no money in the bank, no way to repair the car, nor buy another used vehicle; I knew of no friends with “extra” vehicles we could use in place of the Escort; I had no rational or visible options. BUT, I explained, God is always very good to us, and I swore that He would “fix” the situation: we would have another car somehow, and we’d wind up better off than before our old Escort had died!


I just had no idea in the world how God would do it.


No amount of Googling information, gathering facts, or rational investigation could possibly resolve the problem as we sat on the side of the road near Eureka, California. But before the week was out — without my even calling around and trying to scare up some sort of fix — a friend of a friend heard our car had broken-down, happened to be in charge of another person’s estate who’d just died and left a Dodge Colt wagon (seating seven kids) and when he accidentally “ran into me” in town, suggested he sign it over to me and I eventually pay back to the estate about $1,000.


He drove me over to look at it and I drove it home — and it was the best vehicle me and my kids (and all their friends we could now carry in the wagon!) ever, ever had. None of us will ever forget that car — and I’ll never forget that the solution to our Ford Escort’s breaking down wasn’t brought about through “accumulating facts” or “acquiring knowledge” — but through the Spirit (the pneuma) — and by trusting for the Mind of Jesus Christ (pneumatikos) to lead us into a rationally, logically impossible solution.


Which is exactly what He did.








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