When the Kingdom of God Rules the World – Redux

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Back in October (2014), we published a blog entitled, When the Kingdom of God Rules the World. Its focus was a wildly popular (but unbiblical) theology originally known as “Dominionism”. Dominionism teaches that there won’t be a “Rapture” where all God’s people suddenly “disappear” and go to Heaven (which is also a wildly popular but false teaching.)

New Rulers of the World

New Rulers of the World

But Dominionism goes to almost the opposite end of the spectrum, teaching that all the Christians will actually stay here on the Earth, but gradually (by the Divine Hand of God) they take over the world; every government, every nation, every tribe, and every people will be governed by conservative “Christians” under “biblical law” — and then Jesus will Return to the surface of the Earth to receive His Kingdom from the hands of His loyal people who are ruling over all the Earth.

This is going to be a short but informative blog. If you want to know more about Dominionism and why it falls radically short of what the Bible teaches, go back to the October blog and read it. [ https://emdog.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/when-the-kingdom-of-god-rules-the-world/ ]

This blog is basically an alert that proponents of Dominionism are beginning to camouflage who they are and what they believe. Too many people have become aware of this aggressive and arrogant teaching, and so the term “Dominionism” is gradually disappearing, being replaced by other terms that seem more innocent.

An example many of you will personally relate to is being an Amway salesman. I became an Amway salesman back in the ’60s because I wanted to buy their expensive (but high quality) products more cheaply as an “Amway representative”. [What could be so wrong with an ostensibly “Christian” organization that promoted a patriotic business called The AMericanWAY?]

But soon the organization (and the person who brought me into the MLM  scheme — read “pyramid”) kept pressing me to bring others into the organization. Amway held constant training sessions and conferences — but the trainers never focused selling the products as much as how to “sell Amway” to new prospects in order to create our own “downline” so what other people sold would shift fractional amounts of money into my pockets.

All I wanted was an easy way to keep getting and using the products — but quickly it became obvious the organization didn’t want me unless I was bringing in a continuous stream of new Amway salespeople .

I finally dropped out (under pressure that buying and selling their products did not sufficiently please the people in my “up-line”.) Amway earned itself a terrible name nationwide with innumerable criticisms of being cultlike and fending off (and occasionally losing) law-suits — leading many people to nickname the company ‘Scamway’. By 1999, it had become so objectionable that Amway switched its name to Quixtar. A few years went by and after the public distaste with “Amway” quieted down, they re-branded themselves as Amway once again.

Switching the name (or the “brand”) of a company is a standard technique in trying to camouflage companies that have accumulated a lot of bad press. Which is what happened with the Dominion Theology movement.

The first hint I saw of this came when several of my religious friends invited me to “Like” a site on FaceBook called, TGIF, standing for “Today God Is First”, offering a free, daily devotional for personal, spiritual inspiration.

Now, what in the world could be as innocent (and sweet and maybe even a “blessing”) as a site called “Today God Is First”? But there are more false “Christian ministries” in the world then spiritually relevant and true “ministries”.

[BTW — This negative perspective is based in my decades of experience with human beings in general — and specifically. Human beings are never to be trusted further than you can throw them… human beings are truly human beings, and hardly any can be trusted to be acting free from self-interest or free from self-deception. Not even the author of this blog… Before swallowing anything I write, readers ought always to find ways to verify for themselves if what is posted here is credible or not.]

Before “Liking” (or joining) the “Today God Is First” FB page, I looked up whose page it was. “Os Hillman”. Never heard of him. So I googled him and quickly discovered that for years he’s been a proponent of Dominion Theology — which his TGIF site doesn’t even give a hint of its theological foundation.

Within a couple a links, I found Os Hillman has many connections to the major Dominionists including Lance Wallnau, C. Peter Wagner (head of a Dominionist movement called, “The New Apostles”), Johnny Enlow (Hillman’s pastor), and others such as Bill Johnson (Bethel Ministries, Redding CA.)

Two or three quotes will suffice to end this “Dominionist Update”:

“It is better that we avoid the word dominion in our culture today due to the connotations that comes with this word of control and manipulation of others.” —Os Hillman, Change Agent

“Kingdom solutions sometimes need stealth solutions so that the secular world can accept them.” —Os Hillman, Change Agent

“This whole idea of taking over, and that language of take over, it doesn’t actually help – it’s good for preaching to the choir, and it’s shorthand if we interpret it right, but it’s very bad for media.” —Lance Wallnau


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