Rape — In Name of Islam

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As of June 3, 2016, information has “escaped” from an ISIS held city in the form of a woman who eluded her captors, successfully making her way to freedom. She described one characteristic of ISIS religious practice that illustrates the horrific nature of legalism taken to its full, carnal potential.

In the ISIS held city of Mosul, according to this woman, is a large encampment in which women are held for sexual exploitation by ISIS soldiers. Women are raped repeatedly, even seven or eight times a day — but in such a fashion that allows the men to still present themselves as righteous before Allah. Specifically, before raping a woman, a soldier “marries” that person, abuses her, then “divorces” her when he’s satisfied, leaving her to available to be “married” and “divorced” yet again to her next abuser — and so on throughout the day.

People sometimes chuckle at ridiculous and convoluted attempts to “satisfy” rules and laws when they’re actually by-passing them — pretending to obey the law even while breaking it in spirit. A county in America’s “Bible Belt” may be “dry” — outlawing the sale of alcohol — and yet a town’s mayor or sheriff (or pastor) may simply walk across the county line to another county in which alcohol is sold legally, purchase liquor, and head back across the county line to imbibe freely and “legally”.

Or, as in the case of Pharisees 2,000 years ago in Palestine, their “law” forbade walking more than a certain, proscribed distance away from their home on a sabbath day. So rabbis defined “home” as a mat which could be easily rolled up and carried, a vessel holding water, and a cup. This then allowed a Pharisee to walk the proscribed distance, lay out his mat, sit down and pour out a little water into his cup — and he was “home”! Then, he could roll up his mat, carry his jug, and continue onward in the direction he had been walking — all without “breaking” the sabbath law.

But when men are told that they can be “righteous” — able to please their god — even as they are violently raping enslaved women by simply calling into play “laws” of “marriage” and “divorce”, they are giving proof of the absurdity of their calling upon a god who smiles on legalistic performances. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the prophets give voice to God’s displeasure at mere legalistic and superficially religious behavior. In the book of Malachi the words of Jehovah are recorded:

“The LORD has grown weary with how you’ve been speaking. You ask, “How have we wearied Him?” You have wearied Him by saying, “Every one who does evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and He is pleased with them.”


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