EDEN (from the Archives)

      The fruit was desired to make one wise, and they did eat, and the eyes of both were opened, and they saw they were naked… —Genesis 3.6     What wisdom this, that enabled them to see they were naked?   That caused then to cover themselves and to hide from each other? […]

“What IS This Faith You Follow?”

I’ve only had one dream, before this one, that I actually blogged. It was back in 2008 and I called it, “When the Grinch Stole Christ”. (Oh! And I wrote about  one other dream in an article called “The 10-yr Old Easter Egg”…) But I just awoke from a striking dream — despite some really […]

Imaginations Posing as Truth, & Truth as Mere Fiction…

Our belief-systems are deceptive and misleading. Like when we try to remember a dream — we remember an image here or a sensation there, but in retelling the dreams, we fill in any existing blanks retrospectively. And inaccurately — even possibly without realizing it. We participate unwittingly in the re-creation of a dream and then obligingly […]

The T.V. Show Says There Were Never 3 Million Jews in the Exodus…

So the ads for an upcoming “documentary” on “Bible secrets” says that there couldn’t have been three million Israelites in the Exodus — since that would have exceeded the entire population of Egypt at the time. Two thoughts hit me at the same Moment: (1) Whoever made that calculation wasn’t there at the time, and can […]

Jesus Was A Liberal: 15 Quotes The ‘Christian’ Right Doesn’t Want You To See

Excellent article by Elisabeth Parker December 9, 2013 — I emended several places where, IMAO, she made some of her weaker points… But her points still are genuine and cogent. I put from 1 ♥ to 5 ♥♥♥♥♥ to indicate my opinion of the importance of each of her points… emilswift@gmail.com   Elisabeth Parker The Christian Right […]

What to Do Till the Messiah Comes…

  So far, Jews have been waiting for the Messiah to come for about 6,000 years. Seems a little overdue… AndChristians — who consider that the Messiah is Jesus (Who came in 4 B.C.E.) — are also waiting for Him to come the second time… and they’ve been waiting for the last 2,000 years! Still seems a […]

History Channel: “Bible Secrets Revealed”… Uh…?

Tonight, one of the commentators on a documentary on the History channel explained his idea that Jesus had to be slaughtered by Rome because he came to destroy the Roman Empire: “You cannot usher in the Kingdom of God without ushering out the kingdom of Caesar…” The History Channel is probably replaying this series as […]

Is There a “God of Miracles”?

A “miracle” is “an event not attributable to human power or the laws of nature and consequently may be attributed to a supernatural or divine agency.” To know God — that is, to know Him personally, experientially — is to experience a miracle. That is, to experience a Being who is beyond the scope of […]

For You 10 O’Clock (Sunday) Scholars: Inclusivism…

“A diller, a dollar, a ten o’clock scholar…” (Mother Goose, c. 1760) Unwilling to come too late to the table of this popular dispute, here’s a brief explanation of why Inclusivism and Universalism are not the same. Universalism (which is not biblical) claims that since Christ died for all sinners, then all sinners are automagically delivered […]

On the Joy of Turning 60…

My father died in his mid-fifties. I was in my mid-twenties, and from my point of view back then, he’d lived a good, long life. Having turned 60 a few days ago, I now realize his life had been cut remarkably short. Turning 60 has had far less of an impact then that Moment, a […]

Awakened by the Kiss of God

It’s well past 4 A.M. and though exhausted, I’ve been awakened by pain. Not the pain of recent surgeries, which is certainly present, but instead, a very deep and painful sadness which is gnawing inside me right now. And my pain tonight is largely the fault of a Japanese theologian named Kokichi Kurosaki. Born in […]

Death – The Threshold of Life…

Who Cares About Dying?, my last blog, dealt with two issues: 1.    How the traditional dogma of “hell” diverted so far from what the Bible actually says; and 2.    Three reasons why it’s important for people today to understand what the Bible says happens in the afterlife, and what “hell” is, and what it is […]

Who Cares About Dying?

This last month, two beloved friends of mine died. Both knew they were dying. Their family and friends had time to visit and share their love and care — for those who yet lived, it gave them precious memories that would last until the day they themselves would die. But what about my two friends who […]

Why God Opposes Religion

  Some definitions of “religion” are fairly innocent. Like this one: “pertaining to a belief or practice forming part of someone’s thought about or worship of a divine being”. But even innocent sounding “religion” gets out of hand pretty quickly and winds up chopping off people’s heads or burning them at the stake — and the […]

Forbidden to Keep “Christ” in “Christmas”?

Every Christmas brings out the Conservative-Voice decrying how they’re losing their “freedom-of-speech” to publicly use the words “Christmas”, “Jesus”, “Nativity” and (worst of all!) “Christmas Tree”! Such “religious terminology” has been banned in schools, streets, government buildings and any place remotely public. But this particular “culture war” hasn’t taken my heart captive nor have I […]

4 Rules of Survival in Church

(Adapted, with appreciation, from Steve Berry’s, The Third Secret.)   If you’re going to be a church-goer (and not fail in the process), here are the Four Rules to Staying Alive in a church or denomination: Rule 1: Never, ever, consider an original thought. Rule 2:  If, for some reason, an original idea occurs to […]

Is There a Need Today to Protect Freedom of Speech in America’s Pulpits?

Those who argue Pulpit Freedom Sunday is a “free-speech issue” are ignoring reality. In truth, churches are trying to keep a financially protected, tax-free status granted by the American government — both state and federal. There is no “free-speech issue” here. Any church in America has full freedom of political speech now. This includes urging […]

attack my proof texts, and out…

attackignoredisdain my proof texts, and out you are until I die. expose my proof texts that don’t apply, and I’ll give an ear. show me my notions grown wild, seeded by pagan dreamers, and out they are until I die.     EmDog

Are We Supposed to “Search the Scriptures”?

Just recently, I responded to a post on FB about studying the Bible. Now, I’m certainly not against studying the Bible (which I’ve been reading ever since I could read — what? 55 years?) But it’s critical to keep in mind that when you’re reading the Bible, it’s not entirely useless but definitely dangerous if it’s […]

Eschatology, John the Baptist & Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance “Cognitive dissonance is aroused when people are confronted with information that is inconsistent with their beliefs. If the dissonance is not reduced by changing one’s belief, the dissonance can result in misperception or rejection or refutation of the information, seeking support from others who share the beliefs, and attempting to persuade others to […]

How Many Contradictions are in the Bible?

Short Answer: I don’t know and I sure don’t care. Longer Answer: No one cares about “biblical inerrancy” any more. Well, I don’t mean “no” biblicist (or people who are into bibliolatry or bibliomancy…) The brouhaha over whether there are “contradictions” in the BIble centers around the issue of “inerrancy” — the belief that the Bible is […]

Concerning Cameron’s Book, “Necessary Heresies”

In his book, Necessary Heresies, Peter Cameron writes the following: If only we can bring ourselves to see the New Testament as a collection of human responses to God in Christ, on the same level in principle as our own potential response, only then will we be free to make our own response, uncontrolled by […]

Dad & Racism: A FaceBook Dialogue

John Garrott: Tradition is a difficult thing to change. The law of first taught comes into play – whatever we are taught first sticks much stronger than later revelation. EmDog: Part of why the “law of first taught” works is that the particular “item” of information that you discover is incorrect (or the perspective or […]

Some Restrictions on a Theological Approach to Jesus

There are differences between how theologians generally approach ministering the Person of Jesus to those who are in need, or how pastors do so. One of the valuable ways to understand this difference is to recognize that the rôle of pastor or that of theologian are actually significantly different from each other. Here are some thoughts on those differences. […]


What a sorrow there is in the demand for people to make themselves “beautiful”. What unjustifiable damage is done, what  horrifically broken lives are tossed in dumpsters in this Plague — our society’s worship of personal beauty. No — not that True Beauty which abides in the hearts of those few who have it, but […]

10 Rules for a Church Plant

Sorry I missed April 1st, but better late than never, right? 10 Rules for a Church Plant Here’s some honest-to-God rules for church plants: 1. As soon as it stops being fun, we’ll fold it up and go find something else to do. Some people think this is ridiculous. After all, being a Christian isn’t […]

God’s Playhouse of Perfect Love

Why did God bring all of us human-beings into existence? To “worship” Him? To give Him glory? To “serve” Him? To be an admiring audience for His power? No to all of the above. He brought mankind into existence for love. God is love, and we (created in God’s own likeness) are made to receive love and to give […]

Are Christians Pathetically Pagan?

One of the biggest problems in churches today are pulpits. Pulpits and flower arrangements. Organs, pianos and worship teams too. Not that there’s anything wrong in particular with any of these things — but there’s something terribly wrong that hundreds of thousands of people sit in the midst of these and so many other things […]

Looking for the Hurdy Gurdy Christian…

Like so many other classic rock prophets of the hippie era, Donavon celebrated the coming of the Age of Aquarius, singing… Down through all of eternity, the crying of humanity — ’tis then when the hurdy gurdy man comes singing songs of love. During the decade of the Vietnam war (the first war that ever […]

Origin of the Myth of Human Immortality?

Satan Gen 3.3-5 Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD Godhad made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the […]